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Build your team at the Skelton 4-H Center

Programs for all ages

The 4-H Center offers cooperation and teambuilding programs for youth, adolescents, and adults. The primary purpose of these programs is to challenge members of a group to overcome a series of obstacles by working together. As the group overcomes each obstacle in their course, teamwork will increase dramatically.

All programs conducted on our challenge course are physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. Every group that visits our Center is different; therefore, each group’s individual program can be structured for the needs of that specific organization.

Our Program Department offers corporate and adult ropes course programs. These programs are used by millions of organizations world wide to develop groups of individuals into one working team. By placing individuals into safe but challenging situations, qualities of individuals emerge that could have otherwise stayed hidden. Programs incorporate group initiatives, low ropes course elements, and debriefing into a half-day (3-4 hours) or full day (6-7 hours) experiences. All facilitation, instruction, and equipment is provided by the 4-H Center. Our facilities are ACA accredited and our instructors are fully qualified to adapt a program specifically for your organization.

Program Objectives

  • To foster mutual support and teamwork within a group, as well as recognize the importance of each member’s contributions within that group.
  • To develop and increase trust with every member of the group.
  • To facilitate and improve goal setting and problem solving by individuals and by the group.
  • To encourage group members to identify the value of individual differences.
  • To encourage safe, appropriate risk taking in a caring environment.
  • To promote feelings of personal confidence, accomplishment, responsibility, leadership, and self-worth.
  • To develop communication and cooperation among members of the group.
  • To build a strong foundation for a group to develop on.

Who Can Participate?

Groups of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds can benefit from many of the various Teambuilding Program options available. We work with corporate groups, professional organizations, school groups, college/university organizations, civic organizations, and church groups. All organizations can benefit in some way from a challenge course. Examples of these benefits include:

  • Many local Chamber of Commerce organizations, brain storming teams, and heads of large industries have used our challenge course to better the teamwork of their organization.
  • School groups from 4th grade through high school have used our course to develop teamwork among classes and help their students to prepare for the S.O.L.’s.
  • Several Greek organizations choose our challenge course to build a better family atmosphere among their members.
  • University leadership councils such as SGA, BOCUS, Student Leader Association, Residence Life, and FCA use the skills learned and implemented at our challenge course to encourage teamwork in their respective organizations throughout the year.
  • Youth and adult groups from various religious denominations have had great success in developing their individual programs through the use of our challenge course programs.

A Good Day

As you take the scenic entrance into our facility, you will be comforted by the well kept shorelines of Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia and the amazing wildlife that surrounds our Center. Your group will begin by doing some icebreaker games to help loosen up the participants and get them comfortable around one another.

Our large, open recreation fields offer the perfect environment for introducing groups to the team process, before moving to the beautiful strand of mixed hardwoods in which the Low Ropes Course lies, and the next stage of our process begins. The pavilion at the start of our course makes for a great meeting and discussion area as we relax in nature and discuss our goals and objectives for the day’s activities.

As the groups begin tackling obstacles, the challenges will get harder and harder. After each obstacle, a short debriefing will occur to discuss the points of interest of that obstacle. As the group finishes up the day, our staff and the individuals participating in the course will discuss the overall effects of the day’s challenges and their reflections.

What do our clients say?

Bianca Allison – Sales Manager at Bank of the James Mortgage

Bianca was looking for a facility to host their division’s team-building event. She wanted a place where employees could get out of the office and have some fun. But more importantly, her company wanted to teach some new critical thinking skills to improve their bank’s effectiveness as a business team
Bianca was searching for meeting facilities when she came across the Skelton 4-H Conference Center. She said “…it seemed to be the perfect opportunity we were looking for. The whole key to the event was not only just the opportunity to laugh and enjoy each other, but go back to how we work together.”
Near the end of their event, Bianca scheduled a beautiful catered dinner at the Center’s pavilion by the lake. The breath-taking view and the wonderful food was the perfect ending to a successful event. She spoke enthusiastically about her experience. “Where the Skelton 4-H Conference Center was extremely nice is that it lends itself to a more relaxed environment. It gives you more of an escape feeling, and more than that, the team is together as a collective. The dynamic of having an outdoor stage is beautiful.”
Her conclusion? “If you really want more of an escape, relaxed environment where you focus more on each other and less on the stress of day-to-day activities and business, the Skelton 4-H Conference Center is what I would recommend.”
For Bianca’s full comments, watch her video…

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