My Favorite Place At Camp: Backtrack Edition

This is Backtrack, the Summer Camp kayak instructor (beginning 2016). Her birthday is in January, so this month we are featuring her in the very first blog post in the “My Favorite Place on Camp” series. Check it out!

“I’m the ‘Queen of the Cove!’ Haha, but actually, the cove is my favorite place on camp. It’s not only the prettiest place to work here, but I get to see kids develop skills in kayaking that they never thought they could. It’s awesome that campers can gain confidence in something like kayaking that they can take to other areas in their lives like public speaking. I see kids develop into leaders and teens master their leadership skills during my class and that’s really my favorite thing about camp. Sometimes I like to go sit by the cove and I think, ‘man… it’s cool that I get to work here.'”

Thanks for sharing, Backtrack! See you at the cove!

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