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Homeschool Education Enrichment

Because of our ability to tailor every program to the current subject matter for all students, the Skelton 4-H Center is the ideal location for homeschooled and unschooled learners to get hands on experience with the subjects they love.

Homeschool Days

Our Outdoor Education and Program Staff look forward to our “Homeschool Days” and bringing our student-led experiential teaching philosophy to your family. A typical day’s schedule allows for students to choose from Natural Science, Wildlife Studies, and Adventure-based Programs in hour-long segments. Lunch usually includes a lesson in food waste and composting, and at the end of the day families reconvene for a closing activity. Because the classes run concurrently, every age and stage can be accommodated, including Discovery activities for younger family members and parent-guided reading and sensory play for those under 5 years old.

Group Field Trips

Have a group of folks that want to come to the Center for a field trip? We can do that! Many homeschool and unschool groups bring members out to the Center for a more structured day of learning. It is an excellent way to get together and learn about a particular part of the curriculum while developing the social and teamwork life skills. No group is too small!
For more information, contact our Outdoor Education Coordinator:
or (540) 721-2759 ext. 253