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How You Can Help…

The W.E. Skelton 4-H Educational Conference Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the youth of our region. Youth development for our region of the Commonwealth has never been needed more than now. The Board of Directors at the W. E. Skelton 4-H Educational Conference Center at Smith Mountain Lake embrace the following philosophy: “It is easier to build a child, than repair an adult.”

Donate online through the Virginia Tech Foundation.

There is nothing more exciting or empowering to youth of our region than to learn and grow from experiences that they create on their own. This positive learning experience is what our summer camps, specialty camps, and classes provide due to the support from private sources. The Board of Directors, Staff, and private sponsors have been providing the framework for such building, and contributing to the empowerment of the region’s youth since 1965.

Over 3,200 youth and 1,500 adults enjoyed a quality program last year because of financial commitments from private donors. Future generations deserve the same opportunity to receive this critical guidance and structure. It is important that you join other caring individuals to ensure that no child is denied access due to lack of funds to this quality program in the future.

A little known fact is that by your contributions 48% of the cost of camp for each youth is subsidized by 4-H Center donations. It is critical that we not only keep this subsidy but also grow the support so that NO child is left home because of lack of financial support. There are numerous planned gift options to benefit the youth at the Center. Please consider giving this year. Your contributions make a difference!

Please feel free to contact Dr. J. Douglas McAlister, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships at (540) 721-2759, ext. 258 or email if you would like additional information on methods of support.