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4-H Youth Programs

Cloverbud Camps

This overnight weekend camp provides youth ages 5-8 with the opportunity to have an overnight camping experience away from home. No previous experience in 4-H is necessary. These programs provide educational and recreational opportunities that are age-appropriate and supervised by Teen Leaders, Adult Volunteers, 4-H Center Camp Staff, as well as Extension Agents and the 4-H Center Programs Department. Cloverbud camps are typically conducted several times per year and are designed around exciting and engaging themes! These camps help to provide the socialization that is necessary for children at that age. Campers at this age are full of energy and excitement and we are here to direct that energy and excitement to a positive and growing direction.

4-H Specialty Camps

There are a variety of specialty camps offered throughout the year for junior 4-H campers ages 9 to 13. While all of our specialty camps focus on a specific theme and cater to specialized interests, there are fun events for all children at each of these weekends. Some camps in the past have included Top Chef Camp, LEGO Robotics Camp, and even Harry Potter Camp. We have the unique opportunity to cater to the interests of all campers, which makes for a great weekend. These camps will be posted online and on our Facebook page throughout the year, so be on the lookout for these exciting opportunities!

Teen Weekend Camps

Teen Weekend camps are uniquely themed weekend camps open ONLY to teenagers (and adult volunteers). Featuring programs, challenges and activities that are ONLY offered at this camp, they are the perfect opportunity for teens to get away and have a great weekend. Workshops that will benefit teens now and in the future, typical camp activities, plenty of down time for hanging out, and special activities designed around the theme of the weekend make for an excellent reason for teens to spend a weekend at camp! The Teen Advisory Board helps to plan and publicize our Teen Weekends, which helps us keep it unique and fun for all of those who join us.

Family Camps

Our Family Camp series was created as a response to repeated requests by parents of Cloverbud campers to have a camp where adults and older siblings can also participate in camp. This is your opportunity parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers! Family Camp is truly all ages and open to the entire family. Twice a year, load up your children and your sunscreen for the family adventure of a lifetime! Let them show off for you, show them how you conquer your fears, and spend time together in the great outdoors.

Camps are coordinated based upon interest, so please don’t hesitate to contact the Center’s Program Department (skelton4hprograms@vt.edu or 540-721-2759 ext. 254) to find out more!